Kairo Kingdom first caught my attention about 6 months ago with their insanely good electro track Das Knarz. Since then they’ve made great strides, but today they put out their biggest release to date on Play Me Records. Their 4-track EP FANTOM is now out with 3 glitch-hop track and one electro. While the EP doesn’t totally blow me away as a whole, one song in particular really got me going. Don’t Feed The Troll is everything that I want in my glitch-hop/mid-tempo tracks; grimy bass, a lot of bounce and some appropriate samples.

In addition to Don’t Feed The Troll being heavy on the bass, it will also appeal to all those that played 8-bit video games as a youngster (or still do) as the melody uses that 8-bit sound and the vocal sample has that bitcrushed sound that takes you right back to the Super NES days. This is a track is not to be missed, check it out now!

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