The day is finally here, undoubtedly my most anticipated EP of the whole year. That’s saying something considering the quality of EP’s the have come out in the past few months. Kill The Noise (AKA Jake Stanczak) is back with his 5th EP entitled Black Magic. This EP is chalked full of tracks of the highest quality and ranges from drumstep, dubstep, trap and electro house.

The EP starts out with Black Magic, a drumstep track that starts with haunting Gregorian type chants repeating “Kill The Noise” before it breaks into the morphing heavy synths that we’ve all come to expect from Kill The Noise.

Jump Ya Body is the next track up and features the vocals of Mercedes. The first time I heard this track was on his EDC mix in June when he played it out for the first time. It’s the first dubstep track and has a bouncy feel to it with plucky chords being played on the 2 and 4. The vocals of Mercedes fit perfectly with the overall sound track and with the break

The third track of the EP is the electro house Rockers . For those hardcore fans of KTN, you might recognize the drop of this song since it was originally part of KTN’s remix for Deadmau5’s The Veldt. For whatever reason, the remix wasn’t picked up for The Veldt remix pack or it never got finished fully, so KTN just stripped the Deadmau5 parts out and released this gem. Truly an awesome song and my favourite of the bunch.

Mosh It Up takes the EP for another twist as this trap/carnival track is intense. With the 150bpm four-to-the-floor, dutch house screaming synths and big 808 kicks in the first drop this track is out of control. To keep things interesting, the second drop cuts into half-time to give it trap swagga before ramping back up to four-to-the-floor chaos to see the track out. Easily the highest energy track on the EP and should be a favourite for DJ’s to land in their sets for a while to come.

Next up is a collaboration with Feed Me in Thumbs Up. The track fully utilizes each artists tendencies from Feed Me’s youtube child-voiceover samples in the break and groovable slap-bass samples to KTN’s thick talking basses in the drop. Thumbs Up is a 110bpm track that manages to stay heavy, but will be the most fun you’ll have with a song on the album.

The penultimate track is Saturn which is the second collab on the EP. This time KTN teams up with trap champion Brillz and vocalist Minxx. This track is pretty dynamic electro house banger with beautiful piano passages and equally beautiful vocal takes from Minxx in the build to the drop with the big bassline format that has dominated the biggest electro tunes of 2012.

The final track of the the EP is a dub version of Jump Ya Body. If you didn’t like Mercedes’ vocals in the original mix, then this is for you. The dub mix has a slightly different arrangement since it doesn’t have to take into account the vocals of Mercedes and therefore is 54 seconds shorter.

Overall, I have to say that this EP is simply incredible. It shows how versatile Kill The Noise is as a producer without sacrificing his sound in the process. There is never a dull moment and he ranges the bpm’s (115-140-128-150-112-128) with absolute ease. Long time Kill The Noise fans with rejoice in the streets about this EP while telling everyone and their dog about it and in turn creating even more loyal fans of Kill The Noise. There’s truly something for everyone on this EP, well everyone who is a fan of heavy bass music.

Score: 9.5/10

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Just when you though it couldn’t get any better, OWSLA is giving away Thumbs Up (For Rock N’ Roll) for free on their SoundCloud!