The improvements of Charlie Darker’s productions over the past 6 months have been nothing short of spectacular. Yesterday, Toronto native Charlie Darker (AKA Evan Blair) released what I think is his best track ever. “Bustah” is an electro house banger that shows Charlie Darker’s maturity as a producer. The build up is┬ámajestic, ┬ábut it’s the drop that really makes this track great. The big electro bass lines take control of the song and pumps extremely hard. With so many producers taking this approach to drops these days, I find many often come short with their lead bass sounding muddy or lacking punch, but Charlie Darker passes with flying colours on this front. This track is big, this track is huge and when I listen to it I think “You go Charlie Darker, you go man!” Can’t wait to hear what this kid has up his sleeve for the future!

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