Excision – X Rated (ft. Messinian)

Holy fuck! Christmas has truly come early!!! Excision has decided to release a new track from his upcoming “X Rated” EP on his youtube account every day until the release date September 12th. The first song is the same one he began the “X Sessions Volume 1″ and the titular track of the EP. The amazing part is that it’s a music video too which is equally amazing with lots of live footage from shows including Shambhala (see this video for original footage). It’s about as dirty as it comes and from here on out, you can be guaranteed that the new tracks will be posted here every day until the full 320kbps goodies are officially released, and those will also be here so stay tuned!

Excision & Downlink – The Underground

Definitely back to winning ways, this is more like it! The third track sneak peak from Excision’s upcoming “X-Rated” is a collab effort with Downlink. First, its BPM is down to 110 as oppose to the traditional 140 for dubstep, but the pace is fast and energetic giving it a drum step/glitch-hop feel to it and has classic Excision filthy bass dripping from the track. Enjoy!

Excision & Downlink – Swerve

Another day, another preview, another collab with Downlonk. The intro reminds me a lot of Gold Dust, at least the chord progressions but obviously a little dirtier. And the drop, well it just shows that Excision is an ever evolving artist as it’s another up tempo drumstep drop that has you bouncing instantly. The more I listen to it, the more I can’t wait to see him drop this at a show. The place will go off. Definitely a big fan of this one!

Excision – Sleepless (ft. Savvy)

Well another new Excision tune, this time a little slower and not nearly as dirty as “X-Rated”. Sleepless almost has a very outro/final track of the EP feel for it. I have a feeling this will be the most melodic track on the EP as the piano intro is almost peaceful reminds me of music that would be played as a movie transitions into the credits at the end. Definitely a different direction from Excision.

If you are a chillstep fan, this track is for you, but if you are like me and prefer your dubstep dirty, this track will be a miss and we’ll hope for something a little heavier for tomorrow’s release.

Excision & SKisM – sEXisM

Yet another collab, this time with SKisM. The whole track has an extremely strong metal sound to it, as in heavy metal, not the transformer sounds we’ve been accustomed to. Listening to it, I felt like I was in a garage listening to a teenage screamo-metal band practice, and in no way is that a bad thing.